In passenger cars, light and heavy-duty trucks, boats, yachts
and heavy-duty marine vessels
POLYTRON lubricants:
* Eliminate up to 99% of engine wear.
* Reduce engine operating temperature and noise level.
* Eliminate any build-up and keep engine completely clean.
* In the event of oil or coolant loss, engine is protected for
  tens of miles under any driving conditions.
* Restore compression (the compression may go up even 
   in new cars).
* Contribute to much cleaner emission gases.
* Their performance does not deteriorate in severe operating
   conditions of dust, dirt and moisture.
* Extend oil change intervals and oil filters life 4 to 7 times.
* Contribute to considerable fuel and oil economy.
* Up to 65% reduction in maintenance cost.
* Same outstanding results, when used in transmissions,
   power-steering, differentials, etc.