Application: POLYTRON as As an additive package to motor oil and fuel in 1,800 Horse Power diesel engine. ( continued from the previous page)


All the liners were micro-measured. There was no wear whatsoever, all the dimensions were within the manufacture’s specs of a new engine.


In all the liners you could see distinct traces of the cross-honing pattern of the original bore (pink arrow), and the liner  surfaces looked “polished”  like and shiny.


All the pistons had piston-skirts and piston-rings totally clean of any build-up. The rings looked like new and didn’t have any wear whatsoever (very unusual phenomenon, taking into consideration that the engine was in service for 30,000 hours and had water in its oil system for more than 100 hours.


After 30,000 hours in operation and 100 hours in the presence of water, all the connecting-rod bearings didn’t have any traces of wear,  maintained their full thickness and their coating.  Looked like new