Direct benefits resulting from use of MTC Motor oil additive:
- Eliminate 95-99% of engine wear.
- Longer oil change intervals 3 to 7 times (depending on the general
  condition of the engine).
- Lower fuel and oil consumption.
- Keep engine parts clean at all times. (which contributes to much better
  engine performance).
- Considerably extends life of oil filters.
- Lower operating temperature and noise level.
- The engine is protected in a wider range of temperatures.
- The engine is protected temporarily in the event of oil or coolant loss.

(The above features contribute to big savings in maintenance and direct costs for
 Maintenance / Warranty Service providers).

2. As an additive to Transmission and Torque Fluids (5-10% in volume):

2.1. Transmission Fluids.

2.1.1. Under Ford Specifications M2C33-F and M2C138-CJ

2.1.2. Automatic Transmission Fluids that meet or exceed the following 
requirements: General Motors DEXRON-III, Ford MERCON, Diamler-Benz, 
Allison C4 Fluid and Voith DIWA Transmissions, for use in passenger cars 
and light trucks

2.1.3. Fluids meeting Caterpillar TO-4, TO-2 or Ellison C4.

That are recommended for use in Caterpillar transmissions , final drives 
(SAE 50/60W viscosity grade), Allison Powershift transmissions (SAE 30W 
viscosity grade), torque converters (SAE 10W viscosity grade) and hydraulic 
systems (SAE 10W viscosity grade). All in heavy duty applications.

2.1.4. Synthetic transmission fluids recommended for use in Eathon Roadranger 
and Rockwell transmissions. Meets and exceeds the requirement of Rockwell 
0-81 and Eaton PS-081 specifications.

2.2. Torque Fluids

2.2.1. For use in Allison Powershift transmissions.
2.2.2. Torque converters requiring Allison Type C4 fluid.
2.2.3. Heavy-duty truck and tractor automatic transmissions.