POLYTRON  Ultra Performance 
Motor Oil 15W-40


POLYTRON Ultra Performance Motor Oil 15W-40 is manufactured exclusively with iso dewaxed / hydrocracked (Group II) base oils, which rival synthetics in critical engine tests, and an optimal of the latest technology in dispersant, detergent, oxidation, inhibition, antiwear, corrosion inhibition, viscosity improver, and defoaming additives. Yet, its sulfated ash level is less than 1% while Base Number is optimized at 9.0.

POLYTRON Ultra Performance Motor Oil 15W-40 reduces valve and piston crownland deposits, thus lowering oil consumption. The high Base Number provides engine protection in off-highway or high sulfur fuel applications. In addition, the combination of high Base Number (TBN) and excellent dispersancy allows longer drain intervals. A specially selected oxidation inhibitor controls oxidation and undue thickening. A specially selected viscosity index improver ensures easy flow at low temperatures. A defoaming additive prevents air entrapment

Typical Test Data


API Gravity 29.5

  Viscosity, Kinematic
cSt at 400C
cSt at 1000C

Viscosity Index 134
Flash Point, 0C (0F) 218 (424)
Pour Point, 0C (0F) -33 (-27)
Sulfated Ash, wt % 0.97
Base Number (TBN) 9.3
VFour Ball EP (D 2783)
Weld Point, kgf
Load Wear Index, kgf



Ultra Performance Motor Oil 15W-40 is a mixed-fleet motor oil recommended for four -cycle Gasoline engines and all four-cycle Diesel engines: in cars, trucks, rail road, marine etc. It is excellent for use in engines with features such as four-valve heads, turbocharging, direct injection, shorter piston crowns, higher power density, peak firing pressures up and beyond 2500 psi, intercooling, full electronic management of fuel systems, and exhaust particulate traps. It is also formulated for superior performance with both normal and low sulfur fuels.
Can be also used in powershift transmissions requiring a Caterpillar TO-2 or an Allison C4 fluid. Can be also used as H2 lubricant with no food contact.

User Benefits
* Eliminates up to 70% of
  engine wear.

* Reduces engine operating

  temperatures and noise level.
* Eliminates any build-up and
  keeps engine completely
* Protects engines for tens of
  miles in the event of oil or
  coolant loss, under normal
  driving conditions.
* Maximizes compression.
* Contributes to much cleaner
  emission gases.
* Oil change intervals and life
  of oil filters
may be extended
  3 to 7 times.
* Contributes to considerable
  fuel and oil